2nd and 3rd Quarter 2011 Events

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Confirmation Class 2011 was held on May 7th
at St. James’s Church in West Hartford.
Bishop Curry presided.

Eric Couture, Thomas Heroux, Sally White, Sabrina Mangene and Joslyn Morby


Concluding day of Sunday School

June 19, 2011

The Children update the congregation on their progress in collecting enough money for Episcopal Relief and Development to provide a goat, cow, ox and a plow to benefit a family in another country.

Kathy Bushnell and Brenda Roy receive gifts from the children for being Sunday school directors.

The children and teachers receive recognition gifts for all their work during the year and a prayer from Fr. Bushnell.

Andrew Lillis and Michael Heroux are graduates from High School this year. Congratulations

Vestry Day June 4, 2011

Team building and problem solving to accomplish a task, out in the beautiful sunshine

Identifying and prioritizing Parish issues