Fundraising Policy

By Canon Law in the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut, the Vestry in every parish has final authority in determining all expenditures of funds.  It is therefore, necessary that all parish entities seek Vestry ratification in advance, for all projects to raise funds for causes either within or outside the parish.


In authorizing such projects, the Vestry will consider matters such as possible conflicts with other projects in progress at the same time, length of time involved for the project, feasibility, legitimacy of the cause to be supported, whether the project supports the mission of the parish, and other reasonable considerations.


This authorization will restrict the use of the funds raised for the exclusive use requested by the parish entity, and will cause the funds to be disbursed as soon as possible, after they become available to the Parish Treasurer, upon the next date when checks are prepared by the Parish Treasurer.


Project description, along with estimate of funds to be raised, the duration of the project, the name and address of the recipient, special instructions, and use of any excess funds raised, must be submitted to the Vestry in writing for consideration.


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 Approved:  12/08/2009