In 1992, three small Episcopal parishes which would eventually merge to form Holy Trinity Church, took a very progressive (and daunting) step of forming together a regional, or cluster ministry of churches.  The good news in cluster ministries is that several parishes share expenses for clergy, and other staff salaries.  The bad news is that the parishes will need to learn to share the time and attention and work of those people.  And that is something that is fairly hard for churches to do.  But, over the next fifteen years, the people of Calvary Church, Suffield, and St. Mary’s and St. Andrew’s Churches in Enfield discovered enough of a bond together to vote in 2007 to join forces, and merge into a single large, stable, congregation, with an exciting and life-changing mission as an Episcopal church in north central Connecticut.

Our journey together for those fifteen years, had been a long one, filled with ups and downs for the people of God in those three parishes.  As a regional ministry, our top goal was that we would be a Church that was faithful to Jesus Christ.  We would offer worship, administer the sacraments, offer pastoral care to our members, teach our young people, and remind one another of a few obligations we all shared for the continued well-being of the parish.  That was it.  In addition to that, in some way that was a mystery to everyone, we would have a ministry of evangelism.  We believed that as we were faithful, the Lord would add to our numbers.  But that was wishful thinking, and did not result in growth for our churches.  Over those years, membership declined, and of course, with loss of membership came loss of funding for budgets. 

By the 2005, it became clear to the leaders of the three churches that time was running out for our three parishes, and God gave a vision for uniting them.  In response, we began a process of discernment for the shape, design, and mission of our single, united parish.  Our bishop, Andrew Smith came and led an evening of teaching about the church that is on mission, focusing its life, worship and efforts on serving people outside itself in the name of our Lord Jesus.  This was an important step on the journey toward becoming the church we are at Holy Trinity:  The decision of the majority of members was that we would become a new church devoted to THAT kind of mission. Parishioners of the three parishes voted to merge at specially called parish meetings on June 25, 2007.

At the 2007 Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut, delegates overwhelmingly voted a resolution to merge three parishes from Enfield and Suffield into one new church.  The Rev. Peter E. Bushnell, Senior Missioner of The North Central Episcopal Regional Ministry, and soon-to-be Priest in Charge of the new parish spoke to the convention, requesting support for the passage of the resolution.  After brief debate, the convention acted definitively, and enthusiastically.

Members and clergy of the new parish then processed down the center aisle, with a colorful new church banner, and were received with resounding applause.  A parishioner was quoted in the diocesan account of the proceedings, describing the event as "fabulous!".

Clergy and lay representatives of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Enfield, are welcomed by the Convention and recognized as a new parish.