June 22 - 23, 2013



Saturday, June 22
5 PM, Contemporary Service
Celebrant: Fr. Ed Goetz

Sunday, June 23
8 &10 AM services
Celebrant and Preacher: Fr. Ed Goetz
Dcn. Peter Vaughn

Monday, June 24
6:30 PM, Stewardship meeting

Thursday, June 27
11:30 AM, Bible Chicks-Women's covenant group

Saturday, June 29
5 PM Contemporary Service with Fr. Ed Goetz

Sunday, June 30
8 &10 AM Services
Celebrant and Preacher: Fr. Ed Goetz
Dcn. Peter Vaughn

Saturday Night Worship Service Video Series
Who Is This Man? by John Ortberg
We are having part 5 this Saturday. In this six-session video series, bestselling author and Pastor John Ortberg helps us see how Jesus has impacted the world like no other person in history and why it makes a difference in our everyday life. Who is Jesus? He is the hinge of history. He is the hope of the oppressed. He is the inspiration of the despairing. He is the King of Kings. He is the Lord of Lords. He is the greatest teacher who ever lived. He is the greatest mind that ever thought. He sparked the greatest movement that has ever spread. He offered the greatest gift that has ever been given. He alone mastered life. He alone conquered death. He alone overcame sin. He alone grows more present with each passing year. He is the Son of God. He is the Savior of the world. That's who this man is! Please join us for worship on Saturday nights at 5:00pm.

Upcoming Events

Save The Date!
Saturday, July 13, 2013
It's the summer event of
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.
Join us at the "All Sports" Summer Picnic,
Come dressed in your favorite team or
player's uniforms or team shirts and caps.
5:00pm Contemporary Service
The picnic will start immediately after the service

1) After what person is the "Baby Ruth" candy bar named?

2) Who is the Stanley Cup named for?

3) Who scored the most points in a single NBA game?

Prayer Lists

Please pray for those on our Healing, Supportive and Honoring Prayer list

The healing list is for a period of two months, supportive for 6 months and the honoring is indefinite. If your person is in need of continued prayer, they will be moved to the supportive (six months) or the honoring (indefinite) Contact the parish office for more info.

Healing Prayer List

Theresa Dumesnil, Paula Crowell, LInzi Furnari, Amy McMahon, Gina and Kyle Hufford, Daniel Steden, Lars Skoglund, Gary Bowles, John Avery, Jeff Martin, Ella Burke, Joanne, Dupont, Tammy Gaudet, Dorothy Pearse.

Supportive Prayer List
Ralph Carrozzo, Bob Luipold, Nori Bliss, Bette Drake, Liam Sowa, Beverly Christensen, Wallace Bennett, Wade Wilby, Tom Estes, Bob Parks, Sharon Berkley, Mabel Carrozzo, Shirley Amell, Susan Hayden.

Honoring Prayer List
Ann Duren, Bob and Pat Parks, Robert Aaron, Charles, Helen Bushnell, Scott Owen, Charlene Boudreau, Eileen Biklen, Georgette Schober, Shirley Jacobson, Beverly Nuccio, Betty Broderick, Mark Haseltine, Mary Chiles, Paul Sarges Jr., Ronda Potter, Steven Portuese, Eileen Meyer, Ed, Susie Nelson, Anna Gilbert, Deb Franklin, Carol Lillis Richard Rolocut, Richard Rolocut Jr.