Mministry (WeCare)

Goal:Coordinate ministries of fellowship, hospitality, pastoral care, outreach, and greeters; inviting people deeper into parish community of faith. Nurture development of small groups.


Mary Howland 860-749-1122
Kathryn Bushnell 860-763-2316
Theresa Crabtree 860-745-2090
Leslie Crosson 860-749-0242
Carol Holtz 860-749-6551
Jennifer Howell 860-749-0020  
Rosemary Keegan 860-745-1252
Jean Pike 860-745-0516
Doreen Forbes-Rogers 860-698-9766
Judy Rollins 860-253-0660
Brenda Roy 860-668-6608
Jan Sheehan 860-749-3757