November 23 - 24, 2013


Saturday, November 23
5 PM, Contemporary Service
Celebrant: Fr. Peter Bushnell

Sunday, November 24
8 &10 AM services  
9:45 Sunday School 
Celebrant: Fr. Peter Bushnell
Preacher: Fr. Ed Goetz
Dcn. Peter Vaughn
4 PM, Ecumenical Thanksgiving Services 
Sacred Heart in Suffield
American Baptist in Enfield

Wednesday, November 27
7 PM, Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, November 28
Office Closed

Friday November 29
Office Closed

Saturday, November 30
5 PM Contemporary Service 
Celebrant: Fr. Ed Goetz

Sunday, December 1
8 &10 AM Services  
Celebrant: Fr. Ed Goetz
Preacher: Fr. Peter Bushnell
Dcn. Peter Vaughn

Upcoming Events



The Sunday school is holding its annual coat drive for this winter. New or gently used coats, hats, mittens, gloves, scarves and socks are needed for all ages.  The items will be distributed locally.  

We Care is helping ERfC by collecting items that can be used I their "Store".  Please check your closets and drawers for nearly new gifts and items which you can donate. A complete list is in the November Newsletter.

The Giving tree is also in the back of the church.  These tags have info about needs of a local family from NADA.  Consider giving to this great cause.

Plan early, save the date!
An Advent Quiet Day, Saturday, December 14, 8:30 - 12:30
Come and prepare for Christmas with a few hours of quiet, and meditations on the theme,   The Light Shines in the Darkness. Our leader will be the Rev. Hugh James, rector of Christ Church Norwich. Fr. James grew up and was educated in Wales, where he was ordained in 1981.

Christmas comes but once a year
And when it comes, it brings good cheer . . .
Except when it doesn't.

Are you looking forward to Christmas this year? Do you know anyone for whom the tinsel and merriment will simply reinforce painful memories, exacerbate fresh grief or irritate an already depressed mood? Last year Holy Trinity held its first 'Blue Christmas' service, and 39 people came to experience an atmosphere of quiet acceptance, and receive a message of hope - that the Christ Child came to touch our darkness with light.          This year's 'Blue Christmas' service will be held on Friday, December 20, at 7 pm, with appropriate music, Scripture and prayer.   Please come, and invite others. Light refreshments will be served after the service.

Prayer Lists

Please pray for those on our Healing, Supportive and Honoring Prayer list

The healing list is for a period of two months, supportive for 6 months and the honoring is indefinite. If your person is in need of continued prayer, they will be moved to the supportive (six months) or the honoring (indefinite) Contact the parish office for more info.

Healing Prayer List

Ken Perkins, Cecelia Bristol, Lucy LaRosa, Charlie Duren, Sandra Mandia, Emily, Amber, Jim and Carter, Gay Veit, Helen Larson, Eloise, Len, Jeffery, Eloise, Irma Schoen, Dick Kaupin, Cherie and Bob Watts, Debbie Emery, Andrew and his family, Christopher, Zack, Jim Botellio,  Chris,  Keith Sanborn, Carolyn Wood, Becky Bellinger, Shanon Crabtree, Jackie Ouellette,  LInzi Furnari, Amy McMahon,  Daniel Steden, John Avery, Jeff Martin, Ella Burke, Joanne Dupont, Tammy Gaudet, Dorothy Pearse.

Supportive Prayer List

Mabel and Ralph Carrozzo, Tyler, Bob Luipold, Nori Bliss, Bette Drake, Liam Sowa, Beverly Christensen, Wallace Bennett, Wade Wilby, Tom Estes, Bob Parks, Sharon Berkley,  Shirley Amell, Susan Hayden.

Honoring Prayer List

Ann Duren, Bob Parks, Robert Aaron, Charles, Helen Bushnell, Scott Owen, Charlene Boudreau, Eileen Biklen, Georgette Schober, Shirley Jacobson, Beverly Nuccio, Betty Broderick,  Mary Chiles, Paul Sarges Jr., Ronda Potter, Steven Portuese, Eileen Meyer, Ed, Susie Nelson,  Anna Gilbert, Deb Franklin, Carol Lillis Richard Rolocut, Richard Rolocut Jr