Seder Supper 2012

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On Sunday evening, March 25, our friend, Dr. David Poppel came again to Holy Trinity to preside over a Passover Seder Meal. We are again very much indebted to him for the easy, informal way that he brings to life for us the Jewish customs and culture which inform this ceremony which is at the heart of both the Jewish and Christian faiths.

The Passover is central to our understanding of the roots of our observance of Holy Week. It provides the background for the Last Supper which Jesus shared with his friends the night before his crucifixion. Additionally, Christians see in the sweep of the redemption brought about by Jesus’ death and resurrection, a new action of Passover.

In the Passover in the Book of Exodus, death passes over the houses of Israel in Egypt, which have been marked by the blood of the Passover lambs. So too, in the death and resurrection of Jesus, death again is defeated, but this time forever in his suffering, death and being raised once more to life.

The Passover Seder Meal is a ceremonial feast, which recalls the many aspects of Israel’s time of slavery in Egypt, and rescue by the mighty acts of God. We share foods representing the bitterness of forced labor, and the toils of making bricks to build the great edifices of the Egyptians. Freedom granted by the mercy of God is celebrated in joy, by lifting repeated cups of wine. In a lighter moment, adults hide a piece of matzoh which must be found by the children present, and ransomed before the meal is completed. Finally by tradition all wish one another the peace of Jerusalem, and wish thet next year we may all celebrate Passover in that holy city together.